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Oxford Reading Tree - Traditional Tales X 36 books (Stage 1+ to Stage 9)

Highly Recommended this series of Children Books
Suitable for kids from 4 to 12 years old 
(K3 - P6 in Hong Kong Curriculum)

Oxford Reading Tree Traditional Tales

Beautifully illustrated, fully decodable versions of 
enchanting tales from around the world, 
perfect for introducing children to cultural traditions and 
well-known story themes 
such as good and evil, reward and punishment, and courage.

Features of this Series:
  • Free online support to enrich the storytelling experience
  • Inspire children's writing with the storymap in every book
  • Teaching Handbook by series advisor Nikki Gamble with advice and
          photocopiable sheets for every story
  • Extended versions of Levels 1-5 stories to develop a broad and rich vocabulary
  • Stunning illustrations - each by a different artist

  • Detail about this series and free download ebook, please refer to this link

    Structure Chart of this Series, download from
    here (pdf file, 4.8 MB)

    Teaching Sequence, download from
    here (pdf file, 2.24 MB)
    1. Introduce, read and explore the story
    2. Inspire storytelling with free online support
    3. Introduce Drama
    4. Writing
    5. Links to the wider curriculum
    Series Contains:
    1. 36 fully decodable stories
    2. From level 1+ to 9 with Chinese translation at the last 2 pages of the book
    3. Free online support - ebooks, storyteller videos and teaching notes
    4. CDs for all the stories (a sample MP3 can be provided via email per request)
    Sample of the stories:

    Sample 1 - Level 1+ - The Big Carrot (Extract)

    Sample 2 - Level 9 (Extract) - East of the Sun, West of the Moon, download from here
    (pdf file, 261 KB) 
    Some of the ebooks can be downloaded freely from the Oxford Owl after registration as member)

    Titles of the 36 Books - Each Stage contains 4 books:
    Stage 1 - Get the Rat, Lots of Nuts, Run! Run!, The Big Carrot
    Stage 2 - Dick and His Cat, I will get you, Rabbit on the Run, The King and His Wish
    Stage 3 - Boxer and the Fish, Right for Me, Chicken Licken, Cook, Pot, Cook!

    Stage 4 - Hans in Luck, The Foolish Fox, Three Rocks, Tom, Dad and Colin
    Stage 5 - Jack and the Beanstalk, Oh, Jack!, The Magic Paintbrush, The Moon in the Pond
    Stage 6 - The Frog Prince, How the Bear Lost His Tail, Monkey's Magic Pipe, Yoshi the Stonecutter

    Stage 7 - Aladdin, Baba Yaga, Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin
    Stage 8 - The Tale of Little Red Riding Hood, Finn MacCool and the Giant's Causeway, 
                    Twelve Dancing Princesses, How Anansi Got His Stories
    Stage 9 - East of the Sun, West of the Moon, The Children of Lir, Mulan, Beauty and the Beast

    Our Price: HKD 900 for this whole series of 36 books (9 stages) c.f. the Commercial Press (HK)

    (range from HKD 185 - 300 for each stage of 4 books in a pack, i.e. around HKD2,072, detail work out can be referred  from hereAdvance Search - input "ORT Traditional Tales")

    HKD 900 (Save HKD1,200, pay 60% less!*) with free delivery by courier to most of the places in Hong Kong (additional charge for remote area). (Additional postal / courier fee is required for other Asian Countries, except Taiwan and Macau. For the customers from Australia, Canada and U.S., please contact us for the postal / courier fee. You can reach us by freeway226@outlook.com)

    (* this bargain price can be achieved as a publisher in PRC was granted the publish right to republish and the books cannot be shipped directly to Hong Kong, Macau or any places outside PRC)

    Launched date @Freeway226:            17 December 2014

    Special Price for the first 15 Orders – HKD 800 / USD 105

    How to Order?
    1. Fill in this Order Form, no need to pay any deposit at this moment
    2. Once we receive 10 and more orders or the Group Order is about to due,
      we will send an notification email to the subscribers requesting for deposit of HKD500 within 3 working days, either to a Bank of China, HSBC or Standard Chartered bank account or payment by Paypal.
    3. About the mid of January, 2015, we will send out the set of this storybooks to your home or designated address, the balance can be paid by same way as above.

      For any enquiries, pls feel free to contact us. You can reach us by freeway226@outlook.com

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    2014年7月15日 星期二

    首次參加2014年的香港書展 - Hall 3E-D22 (兒童天地)




    展銷日期︰201471622 (星期三 星期二)
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     * 數量有限,送完即止,只適用於今年的香港書展

    2014年5月12日 星期一

    Playtime in English - published in Taiwan @August 2013 - now reached Hong Kong

    Playtime in English - proudly brought to you by 
    Freeway 226™

    寄來的這一套"Playtime in English"時,喜出望外,

    以情境式的教學方式(Situational Language Teaching)


    這一套 “Playtime in English”

    (*之前曾經剖析的教材,包括Disney’s World English, English Time, 
    Noddy English Set, Hurray English I&II, Story Bom Bom 1&2, Oxford Path, 
    Talky Talky English, 智慧寶寶(普通話), Encyclopedic Knowledge…… )

    Playtime in English set: Language: English and Chinese (Traditional Chinese)
    Text Published in 2013 Aug
    Published by
    Products included:

           36本故事繪本 (Hard Cover), 23 pages, 23 X 26 cm
            4本活動遊戲練習本 (soft cover), 20 pages, 25 X 27 cm
            1本親子活動手冊 (soft cover), 100 pages, 25 X 27 cm
            1 魔法Talk Talk Pen (點讀、點唱筆) 2AAA電池
            1盒閃示圖卡(Flash Card) 106, 13 X 19 cm, 300磅單銅紙印刷,可供點讀
            4 CD – 配合36個情境主題的36首英文兒歌
            4 DVD - 配合36個情境主題的讀單字 (真人演譯)、動畫故事 

    Price: HK$ 4,500 / USD 580 (updated on 10 July 2014)
    (** including postal / courier fee within Hong Kong, except remote area and outlying island, 
    additional charge applied for those remote areas)

    (Additional postal / courier fee is required for other Asian Countries, 

    except Taiwan and Macau.
    For the customers from Australia, Canada and U.S., 
    please contact us for the postal / courier fee)

    Launched date @Freeway226: 13 May, 2014

    Special Price for the first 30 Orders – HK$3,500

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    總重量18公斤,29 X 55 X 24 cm

    36本故事繪本 (Hard Cover), 23 pages, 23 X 26 cm:

    Level I
    1.         Do you like fruit?
    2.         Good Morning
    3.         Can you play the piano?
    4.         What do you see, frog?
    5.         Rainbow Fairy
    6.         My Dream
    7.         Love Princess
    8.         Let's Play House
    9.         I want to have toys

    Level II
    10.         Bath Time
    11.         Happy Snowman
    12.         Let's Play Doctor
    13.         I want a straw
    14.         Mom, I will be nice
    15.         Guess who
    16.         I can brush my teeth
    17.         Pee pee Poo poo
    18.         Amy, you need a haircut

    Level III
    19.         the Polite Fox
    20.         No more nose picking
    21.         Me too
    22.         I can do it
    23.         Little Tarzan Says Hi
    24.         a monster under my bed
    25.         the Birthday Gift
    26.         Busy Germs
    27.         the Rolling Hedgehog

    Level IV
    28.         Sharing is fun
    29.         It's Yummy
    30.         Broken Moon and Little Fox
    31.         Squirrel's red apple
    32.         Kami and Rira
    33.         Little Sheep is not sleepy
    34.         Little Pig's Room
    35.         Little Santa
    36.         My Little Brother

    上圖: Book 18 其中的一頁
    很多隱藏的地方都可以點讀的 - 有音效、句子、單字、

    need 需要, fix 修理/修剪, brush/fix/cut your hair 梳/修/剪頭髮, 
    pencil 鉛筆, dressing table 梳妝檯 ......

    1本親子活動手冊 (soft cover), 100 pages, 25 X 27 cm

    4本活動遊戲練習本 (soft cover), 20 pages, 25 X 27 cm

            1盒閃示圖卡(Flash Card) 106, 13 X 19 cm, 300磅單銅紙印刷,

    親子活動手冊的其中兩頁 (左、右)25 X 27 cm 
    第十八課 <Amy, you need a haircut>

    Amy, you need a haircut.
    No, I like my hair.
    Amy, let me brush your hair.
    No, I like my hair.
    I'm going to cut my hair.
    Don't worry, Amy.
    We can fix your hair.
    Can you fix my hair?
    Yes, I can fix your hair.
    Amy, open your eyes!
    I love my haircut! Thank you!

    每本書的學習大綱 Syllabus
    e.g. Topic: Hair Cut
    Top Sentences: You need a haircut. I like my hair.
    Key words: need, haircut, no, like, hair, let...
    Useful Phrases: Really? Don't worry. Open your eyes. 
    brush/fix/cut your hair.

    DVD中的真人單字發音教學 (女)



    上圖:Contents of 36 books and the learning objectives

    這一套 “Playtime in English”

    就以這套Playtime in English


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